Your younger kids will love these DIY crafts to make at home!  They're 8" x 6" and come in packs of 4 with 4 different designs.  You choose which theme you want - several to choose from!  You get to choose which colors you want!  Each DIY Craft Sign Kit 4-Pack for Younger Kids comes with --


-- Stencils with the designs/words

-- 4 boards 8" x 6" each

-- Your choice of 5 colors (remember -- it's best to use a light color like white or light grey for the background and darker/brighter colors to stencil with)

-- 2 Paintbrushes

-- Sponges for stenciling

-- Hangers for the back of each board

DIY Craft Signs Kit For Younger Kids

Paint color #1
Paint color #2
Paint color #3
Paint color #4
Paint color #5
Which Theme?